Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rat Salad Radio • July 25, 2012


Dead Sound by Robes
from the album
Robes (Potluck)
new local synth-pop. real nice.


With Tomorrow by Gene Clark
from the album
White Light (Sundazed)


The First Supper by Daughters
from the album
Daughters (Hydra Head)
Providence RI spas-rock, 2010


Bags' Groove (take 1) by Miles Davis
from the album
Bags' Groove (Prestige)
recorded 1954


Witches Brew by Plant and See
from the album
Plant and See (Paradise of Bachelors)
Superb re-release of a 1969 NC treasure. Band fronted by the late Willie Lowery. Played at Love Valley in '70, opening for the (very young) Allmans. Integration-wise, way ahead of America's curve: The band had one Lumbee (Lowery), one black, one white, and one Latino... and it was 3 men and 1 woman. Stream entire album at


A Swan Is Born by CAN
from the album
The Lost Tapes (Mute)
Terrific new set, spanning '68-'77


Impressions Of The Past by Megafaun
from the album
Gather, Form & Fly (Hometapes)
Playing @ Duke Gardens TONIGHT 7pm


Motorway (Western Strip, 1918) by Young Mother
from the album
Future Classics (Telephone Explosion)
Debut album from Toronto band, crossing post-punk and krautrock. New.


Blimblim by Curumin
from the album
Arrocha (Six Degrees)
New one from Brazilian percussionist, producer, multi-instrumentalist. Blends dub, tropicalia, hip hop, funk, jazz & more.


Angola Crisis by Joe Gibbs & The Professionals
from the album
African Dub Almighty: Chapter One & Two (Crazy Joe)


Magnificent Romeo by Basement Jaxx
from the album
The Singles Special Edition (Beggar's Banquet)


Girl by Opossom
from the album
Electric Hawaii (Fire)
new from New Zealand


June Carter Cash by The Finches
from the album
Human Like A House (Dulc-i-Tone)
San Francisco, 2007


Gun Has No Trigger by Dirty Projectors
from the album
Swing Lo Magellen (Domino)


Glue, Green Glitter by Giving Up
from the album
peace sign/frown face (Sophomore Lounge)
new from Iowa


Mainline by Black Ivory
from the album
(VA) LeRoy Burgess Anthology, vol. 2: The Producer (Soul Brother)
1979, orig. on Buddah Records. LeRoy as singer and producer on this song.


& & & by Rebecca Gates & The Consortium
from the album
The Float (12XU)
New album from 1/2 of the 90s group The Spinanes


Please Stand By by Don Pardo
from the album
(VA) Television's Greatest Hits: 65 TV Themes from the 50's and 60's! (TeeVee Tunes)


Hippie Hippie Hourah by Jacques Dutronc
from the album
Et Moi Et Moi: Jacques Dutronc 1966-1969 (RPM)


Pain Without Pity by Kostas Skarvelis
from the album
(VA) Bed of Pain (Mississippi/Change/Canary)
Rebetika music from the 1930s-1950s by Greek ex-pats


Rast'e Tou Teke by Costa and Nero
from the album
(VA) On A Steady Diet of Hash, Bread and Salt (Soundeyet/Free Music Archive)
fab comp; you can download the whole thing here:


Close To The Sky by Six Organs of Admittance
from the album
Ascent (Drag City)
WOW. This is even more killer than usual. New album!


Hello From Everywhere by The Drift
from the album
Blue Hour (Temporary Residence)
new instrumental rock soundscapes


The Ogre and the Elephant by Corpus Callosum
from the album
Corpus Callosum (self-released)
San Fran "post-industrial folk noir" , sounding a bit like being at the circus


Michigan Girls by Califone
from the album
Quicksand/Cradlesnakes (Thrill Jockey)
2003. I *love* Califone.


Roll Um Easy by Little Feat
from the album
Dixie Chicken (Reprise)

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