Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rat Salad Radio • November 21, 2012


Snow Plow by Craig Green & David King
from the album
Craig Green & David King (Long Song)
Minneapolis, 2009


The Streak by Ray Stevens
from the 45rpm
7" (Barnaby)
1974 novely tune


All Of The Time by Flesh Wounds
from the album
Abrasions, Abscesses and Amputations (All Day)
New, local


Restorers by Eye
from the album
Center Of The Sun (Kemado)
New from Columbus OH but sounding 70s-ish


Spikes & Ties by Pelt
from the album
Effigy (MIE Music)
new from Richmond


Hesitating Blues by Frank Fairfield
from the album
Frank Fairfield (Tompkins Square)
Frank Fairfield brings his old-time tunes and fresh energy to The Pinhook, tonight. Wanna go, free? Call us at 919.684.8870. Pair of tix available!


Barbecue Bust by Mississippi Jook Band
from the album
(VA) Barbecue Any Old Time: Blues from the Pit, 1927-1942 (Old Hat)
1936. Feat. the Graves brothers on kazoo, guitar, tambourine -- and Cooney Vaughn at the piano. This is Old Hat's *previous* release. THEY HAVE A NEW ONE that we'll be spinning soon on WXDU!


Cornershops and Subway Trains by Jon Shain
from the album
Army Jacket Winter (Flyin')
Jon Shain hosts his annual Post Turkey Day Jam at Cat's Cradle on Saturday night.


With You by Katherine Whalen and Her Fascinators
from the album
Madly Love (Five Head Entertainment)
Playing at the Post Turkey Day Jam


If I Needed You by Andrew Bird
from the album
Hands of Glory (Mom + Pop)
new. Townes Van Zandt song.


The Only Thing by Lyres
from the album
Lyres, Lyres (Munster)
Reissue of their 2nd album, from 1986. From Boston.


untitled by Mad Music Inc.
from the album
Mad Music (Drag City)
Another Boston reissue. Late 70s, little known. "A mutant strain of hi-fi / ambient / post-psych / exotica "


I'm Straight by The Modern Lovers
from the album
The Modern Lovers (Beserkely)
1976. 'Nuther from Boston, of course...


Shame by Del Fuegos
from the album
Boston, Mass. (Slash)


Put Out Your Shoulder by Night Moves
from the album
Colored Emotions (Domino)
new with some glam-y flavor


Dying On The Sixth Side IV - Dying On The Sixth Side by Matthew Friedberger
from the album
Matricidal Sons of Bitches (Thrill Jockey)


Dying On The Sixth Side V - Popping The Cork by Matthew Friedberger
from the album
Matricidal Sons of Bitches (Thrill Jockey)


Dying On The Sixth Side VI - Down To The Place by Matthew Friedberger
from the album
Matricidal Sons of Bitches (Thrill Jockey)


Dying On The Sixth Side VII - Seeing Double, Thinking Twice by Matthew Friedberger
from the album
Matricidal Sons of Bitches (Thrill Jockey)
buncha short songs all kinda collaged together


Birthday Cake by Tobias Lilja
from the album
Delirium Portraits (n5MD)
birthday smooches to my daughter who's 19 today :)


Good Morning, Mr. Edminton by Of Montreal
from the album
Coquelot Asleep In The Poppies: A Variety of Whimsical Verse (Kindercore)
2001. Playing at Cat's Cradle in Dec!


Sonambulist by Brute Heart
from the album
(VA) Opal Vol. I & II (Moon Glyph)
Beauty of a comp - Download it free at


Set You Free This Time by The Byrds
from the album
Turn! Turn! Turn! (Columbia)
1965. Song by Gene Clark, who had a birthday last weekend. R.I.P.


Slowly by Jessica Bailiff
from the album
At The Down-Turned Jagged Rim of the Sky (Kranky)
new album from drone / dream pop / slowcore songstress. Like.


Not Home Anymore by Whiskeytown
from the album
Stranger's Almanac (Outpost)


Mirando de Lado by Kinky
from the album
Kinky (Nettwerk)
Monterrey, Mexico. 2002.


The Magnificent Seven by The Clash
from the album
Sandanista! (Epic)
London, England. 1980.


Cascade by Woods
from the album
Bend Beyond (Woodsist)
Brooklyn, New York. 2012.


Charlie's Pontoon by Nathan Bowles
from the album
A Bottle, A Buckeye (Soft Abuse)
new. Opening for Wooden Wand, Nov 30, Duke Coffeehouse. Sponsored by WXDU.

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