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Rat Salad Radio • December 5, 2012


untitled instrumental by Television
from the album
Marquee Moon (Elektra)
bonus cut on the CD reissue....


Receita (Miguel A. Ferguson Remix) by Domenico
from the album
Cine Privê (Plug Research)
New from Brazil.


No Ordinates by Eric Lanham
from the album
The Sincere Interruption (Spectrum Spools)
New electronic from a dude who's played w/ various aliases in the past...


Backwards Country Boy Blues by Duke Ellington
from the album
Money Jungle (Blue Note)
1962. Bonus cut from the reissue. Mingus starts off on killer bassline; producer cuts it off; Duke protests/praises "Ah, that was sweet..."


Camp Douglas 3 by Jon Irabagon's Outright!
from the album
Unhinged (Irabbagast)
New from NYC tenor saxophonist; high energy with some interstitial tunes like this one that also feature some electronic glip-glitchery.


Padded Shadows by John Butcher
from the album
Bell Trove Spools (Northern Spy)
Also new. Another saxophonist, one who likes to make his sound interact with sonic qualities of spaces. You can definitely hear him playing with it here.


Blade of Austerity by Prince Rama
from the album
Top 10 Hits of the End of the World (Paw Tracks)
new from Brooklyn sister-duo Nimai & Taraka Larson.


Mister Kidneys by OFS Unlimited
from the album
(VA) Eccentric Soul: The Prix Label (Numero Group)
Columbus, Ohio, 1973.


You Made A Believer Out Of Me by Ruby Andrews
from the album
Just Loving You: The Zodiac Sessions, 1967-1973 (Grapevine)


Don't Touch That Thing by Sylvia Hall
from the album
(VA) Cult Cargo: Grand Bahama Goombay (Numero Group)
mid 70s?


Brother James by Sonic Youth
from the album
Smart Bar - Chicago 1985 (Goofin')
new disc, great old live set!


Swimming Pool by Toy Love
from the album
Live at The Glue Pot 1980 (Goner)
another new disc, another great old live set! Toy Love are from New Zealand.


Devour The Jungle Deer / Grey Eggs by The Barbaras
from the album
2006-2008 (Goner)
from Memphis


Bitter Boy by Flesh Wounds
from the album
Abrasions, Abscesses & Amputations (All Day)
New, local, awesome! Gotta go to Chaz's and buy this.


Hey Sallie Mae, Get Off My Feet by Lee Fields
from the album
(VA) Spike's Choice: The Desco Funk 45 Collection (Desco)
Lee Fields (NC native) & The Expressions will play at Motorco in Durham on Sat. Dec 8th.


Killer Smile by Hot Lunch
from the album
Hot Lunch (Who Can You Trust?)
From San Francisco. Album due out in January.


Set Me Free by Monotonix
from the album
Where Were You When It Happened? (Drag City)
Israel, 2009. Fab song, memory of it triggered by Hot Lunch above...


First by The Pows
from the album
Once With Snot & Blood (Permanent)
Columbia, Missouri, 'bout 10 years ago


Reaper's Gong by Wolf Eyes
from the album
Burned Mind (Sub Pop)


Skybolt X-66 by The Hi-Fives
from the album
(VA) Jabberjaw: Pure Sweet Hell (Mammoth)


King of Swords by Miss Murgatroid & Petra Haden
from the album
Bella Neurox (Win)
1999, kinda accordion-fiddle drone, reminds me of bagpipes a little.


Six Is by Treasure Hunt
from the album
Toys Unatic (Moon Glyph)
New, spacy, wonderful. See Moon Glyph website for free download of excellent label comp!


Robson Girl by Mac Demarco
from the album
2 (Captured Tracks)


Sun Over Old Rag by Daniel Bachman
from the album
Seven Pines (Tompkins Square)
Up at the top of WXDU's charts last week, 'long w/ Nathan Bowles.


Blaze's Blues by Townes Van Zandt
from the album
The Highway Kind (Sugar Hill)
Presumably a song about Blaze Foley. It's worth tracking down & listening to Blaze Foley. Do it.


Loretta by Cahalen Morrison & Eli West
from the album
Our Lady of the Tall Trees (self-released)
Townes Van Zandt cover. New 2nd album from Seattle acoustic duo.


Rast'e Tou Teke by Costa and Nero
from the album
(VA) On A Steady Diet Hash, Bread & Salt (Soundyet)
This is a superb comp mixing Greek rebetika & western acoustic tunes. Available for free download at


South of Austin, North of Lyle by Charlie Parr
from the album
When The Devil Goes Blind (Nero's Neptune)
2010. From south Minnesota ('round Austin)


Colour by Delta 5
from the album
Singles & Sessions 1979-81 (Kill Rock Stars)
Danceable post-punk from Leeds, England.


Hard-Boiled Babe by Lizzy Mercier Descloux
from the album
Press Color (Ze)
Bonus track on the CD reissue of her '79 album

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