Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rat Salad Radio • January 2, 2013


Alinea by Olekranon
from the album
Helminth (Inam)
drone/rhythm/swooning sonics on a 3" CD. New.


Song For A Warrior by Swans
from the album
The Seer (Young God)
Karen O. on the vocal here. This was the #1 album on WXDU's 2012 countdown.


When I'm Gonna Learn by Ralph White
from the album
The Cuckoo (Ack! Ack! Ack!)
New solo material from ex-Bad Livers guy.


Me And Rowley Bantam by The Lloyd Pack
from the 
Know Your Lloyd Pack 7" (Siltbreeze)
oddball stream-of-consciousness stuff from Dan & Letha Melchior & Russell Walker


Warm Day In April by Delicate Cutters
from the album
Ring (Skybucket)
New from Alabama.


Stone Colored by Rhyton
from the album
Rhyton (Thrill Jockey)
Among my favorites from 2012. Lovely gift from my sister-in-law Lori.


Atem by Kraftwerk
from the album
Kraftwerk 2 (Crown)


Be Stiff by Devo
from the album
Hardcore Devo vol. 2 1974-1977 (Rykodisc)
early version, quicksand slow


Liebe And Romanze (Slow Version) by The Slits
from the album
Cut (Universal)


Pesnya Dlya Radio by Noize MC
from the album
(VA) Lunapark: The Sound of Russia Today (Eastblok Music)
New comp that ranges from piano to rock to electroClash to this hip hop


Witness The Spread Of The Dream / Black Mamba by Cut Hands
from the album
Black Mamba (Very Friendly)
new "afro-noise" project from William Bennett


Amawalk by Port St. Willow
from the album
Holiday (self-released)
New from Portland OR's Nick Principe. Pitchfork sez his voice meanders through thick "aquatic guitar fog"


Alamoosook Echoes by D. Charles Speer & The Helix
from the album
Leaving The Commonwealth (Thrill Jockey)


Paleophaedon by MEM1 + Stephen Vitiello
from the album
Age of Insects (Dragon's Eye Recordings)
new; sonic tribute to extinct insects


Smells Like Content by The Books
from the album
Lost and Safe (Tomlab)


Good N' Salty by Be/Non
from the album
Meet The Person Most Responsible For Your Safety (Turnbuckle)
Lawrence, KS, 1998.


Like A Summer Rain by The Ladybug Transistor
from the album
The Albemarle Sound (Merge)


Real Deal by Bodo
from the album
Hits Internationales (Shadoks)
1969 debut from German-born Mexico-based guitarist. He covers and covers and covers on this album somewhat unendingly. Nina Simone song here.


Stand Up by The Human Instinct
from the album
Pins In It (Sunbeam)
New Zealand, 1971


Getting Older by The Clean
from the album
Odditties (Five Four-O)
New Zealand, c. 1980-82. New double LP collecting early recordings. Prev. only on cassette.


More Quickly by Squarehead
from the album
Out Of Season (split album with So Cow) (Inflated)
new from Ireland.


Arab Spring by Holy Wave
from the album
Knife Hits (self-released)
El Paso guys now based in Austin. WXDU's #65 album of 2012.


Every Detail by Scott & Charlene's Wedding
from the album
Para Vista Social Club (Critical Heights)
From Melbourne, Australia. 2010 release there but only out in 2012 in the U.S. Lovely slacker pop.


The Crackle pt. 1 & 2 by Blank Realm
from the album
Go Easy (Siltbreeze)
New from Brisbane, Australia.... three siblings & another dude


Tiger Tiger by Scientists
from the album
Rubber Never Sleeps (Bang!)
Demos 'n' live tracks from 70s-80s Australian blues-punk-mudsters. Reissue of a cassette-only collection.


Wipe It Off by The Beets
from the album
Let The Poison Out (Hardly Art)


Sequitur by Steve Hauschildt
from the album
Sequitur (Kranky)
New synth-driven psych by SH of Emeralds


Off by Forma
from the album
Off/On (Spectrum Spools)
new space-synth from Brooklyn

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