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Rat Salad Radio • May 22, 2013


Concubine by The Kingsbury Manx
from the album
Bronze Age (Odessa)
their latest


Ashes to Lashes (Tailspins) by The Kingsbury Manx
from the album
Bronze Age (Odessa)


I Know You by The Flatlanders
from the album
The Odessa Tapes (New West)
2012 release of some decades-lost studio recordings. Really fine!


Blake's Way by Zachary Cale
from the album
Noise of Welcome (All Hands Electric)


Mellow Down Easy by Little Walter
from the album
The Little Walter Collection - 20 Blues Greats (Deja Vu)


Diack So by Vieux Farka Touré
from the album
Mon Pays (Six Degrees)
New from Mali. Son of Ali Farka Touré.


Studder by Oliver Lake Big Band
from the album
Wheels (Passin' Thru)
new record that includes an Outkast cover!


Faces Of The Wind by Bass Drum of Death
from the album
Bass Drum of Death (Innovative Leisure)
New from John Barrett, whose from Mississippi.


Defcon 5 by Man or Astro-Man?
from the album
Defcon 5..4..3..2..1 (Chunklet/Communicating Vessels)
surfing on eastward to Alabama... (first release in a dozen years from MoA?)


Antimatter Man by Man or Astro-Man?
from the album
Defcon 5..4..3..2..1 (Chunklet/Communicating Vessels)


States Away (Nikki's Song) by Goner
from the album
Faking the Wisdom (Superfan)


Sugar Cane by Mary Gauthier
from the album
Filth And Fire (Signature Sounds)
great song from 2002


Going Back To East Montgomery by Glenn Jones
from the album
My Garden State (Thrill Jockey)
Great new guitar work. Recorded in the home studio of Duke (and WXDU!) alumna Laura Baird. Her sister Meg plays guitar on this track along w/ GJ.

 The Baird Sisters Hi Res Photo

On And On by The Baird Sisters
from the album
Until You Find Your Green (self-released)
Here's Laura & Meg's release from last year. Really good. "Lines between English and American folk traditions are artfully blurred."


San Antonio by Charlie Poole With The Highlanders
from the album
The Complete Paramount & Brunswick Recordings, 1929 (Tompkins Square)
featuring the singing here of Charlie's guitarist Roy Harper. Roy's sister Lucy Terry is featured on piano in these recordings, an addition that Charlie insisted on but the Columbia Records balked at... so he changed the name of the band and went down the street and recorded these sides for other record labels!


Down On Me by The Jesus and Mary Chain
from the album
Darklands (Blanco y Negro)


Faith by Superchunk
from the album
Void/Faith 7" (Merge)


Dammit Pomegranate by A Giant Dog
from the album
Bone (Tic Tac Totally)
new from Austin


I Lost Again by Free Time
from the album
Free Time (Underwater Peoples)
new from Melbourne/NY


Bravewolf by Georgiana Starlington
from the album
Paper Moon (HoZac)
sibs Jack & Julie Hines doing a vaguely dark country thing. There's a saw in it, so that makes it vaguely dark, see.


Art Star by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
from the album
Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Touch and Go)


track 5 by Anomonous
from the album
Anomonous (Prom Night)
brooklyn live improv noise/jazz


What A Little Moonlight Can Do by Jerry Miller
from the album
New Road Under My Wheels (Signature Sounds)
new. Miller is a great old-school country-style guitar picker. Nice to see him get a record in his own name. Great version of this soung made famous by Billie Holiday... lotta space for Jerry's guitarwork for 3 minutes, then the fab voice of Eilen Jewell


Some Other Spring by Billie Holiday
from the album
Lady Day: The Best of Billie Holiday (Columbia)


Blues On The Ceiling by Karen Dalton
from the album
It's So Hard To Tell Who's Going To Love You The Best (Koch)
1969. Her first album.


You're Gonna Need That Pure Religion by Lucinda Williams
from the album
Ramblin' (Smithsonian Folkways)
1978. Her first album.


A Short Mile by Kenny Roby
from the album
Memories & Birds (Little Criminal)
new. Kenny Roby will play with full band at Motorco on Friday night.


The Last Rhino by T.D. Skatchit & Company
from the album
Ear of the Storm (Edgetone)
The instruments that the two leaders on this material play are called skatchboxes, which are ingeniously devised noise-makers constructed from combs and cardboard boxes.

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