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Rat Salad • August 28, 2013


Africa Centre of the World by Fela Kuti
from the album
The Underground Spiritual Game (Quannum)
Fela tracks strung together in one nice long mix by Chief Xcel of Blackalicious. 2004.


Fight From The Inside by Queen
from the album
News of the World (EMI/Elektra)


Transfixed / Nine Streams by Olekranon
from the album
Danaus (Inam)
a.k.a. Ryan Huber. New. "Eleven tracks of noise, ambience, drone and percussion with hints of structure."


Pathos y Lagrimas by Mood Rings
from the album
VPI Harmony (Mexican Summer)
new 'n' swirly shimmery from Atlanta.


Éle E Ela by Marcos Valle
from the album
Marcos Valle (Light in the Attic)
Reissue of 1970 LP. Samba/bossa nova....


Indian Magik by Alexandre Novarro
from the album
Sketches (Constellation Tatsu)
2012 quiet electronics collage


Be My Angel by Mazzy Star
from the album
She Hangs Brightly (Rough Trade)


Barn Board Fire by Esmerine
from the album
Dalmak (Constellation)
New from Montreal, following their artist's residency in Istanbul. It shows. "Dalmak" is Turkish, meaning "to be absorbed in."


23 Minore Mane by CWK Jones and Son Ensemble
from the album
(VA) On A Steady Diet of Hash, Bread and Salt (Soundyet)
This comp is an excellent free download on bandcamp


Sit Right There by D. Charles Speer
from the album
(live recording) (-)
a.k.a. Dave Shuford, also of No-Neck Blues Band


Dertlidikos Horos by A. Kostis
from the album
(VA) Greek Rhapsody: Instrumental Music from Greece 1905-1956 (Dust-to-Digital)
Athens, May 1930.


Kazapiko by unknown laterna player
from the album
(VA) Greek Rhapsody: Instrumental Music from Greece 1905-1956 (Dust-to-Digital)
Instanbul, 1913. "Asia Minor" Greeks from Instanbul brought the laterna to popular music of the time in Greece. The laterna is a keyboardless piano, a handcranked thing w/ a rotating wood cylinder w/ nails in it. As it turns, the nails trigger the piano hammers. Like a music box. Cool. You should see the ornate one pictured in the liner notes.


Me & You & Jackie Mittoo by Superchunk
from the album
I Hate Music (Merge)
caaaaatchy new tune (sounds nuthin' like Jackie Mittoo, fyi...)


Summer Breeze by Jackie Mittoo
from the album
Keyboard King at Studio One (Universal)
Howz that for a 70s cover for ya?


Jah Love by Dillinger
from the album
Cocaine In My Brain (Trojan)


Rubba, Rubba Words by Lee Scratch Perry & The Upsetters
from the album
Blackboard Jungle Dub (Abraham/Clocktower)
1981 remix of '73


Arche by Master Musicians of B******
from the album
Far West (Important)


Glory, Glory Hallelujah by Chester Davis & Congregation / Compton Jones, Glen Faulkner, and James Davis / Furry Lewis
from the album
(VA) Sorrow Come Pass Me Around: A Survey of Black Religious Music (Dust-to-Digital)
Reissue of 1975 LP. Trio of versions of this spiritual combined in one album track. The middle one was recorded 40 years ago today! It features a Clorox bottle, lard bucket & empty pot for percussion, plus a "diddley bow." A What??!? It's a piece of broom wire stretched between two staples on a wall with two snuff bottles under it for bridges. Mr. Faulkner plays it by beating on it w/ a nail and sliding a medicine bottle along the strings. It's thought to be an adaptation of an African children's instrument, and a source of bottleneck and knife guitar playing.


Paraffin & Turpentine by Nathan Salsburg
from the album
Hard For To Win And Can't Be Won (No Quarter)
Salsburg is the curator of the Alan Lomax archive. Gives ya some idea of what his solo playing is like. Nice.


Even To Win Is To Fail by Glenn Jones
from the album
The Wanting (Thrill Jockey)
2011 album. Glenn Jones among many exciting acts playing the WXDU / Three Lobed Recordings day party (FREE!!) at Hopscotch, afternoon of Friday 9.6.13. See the flyer! -->


moonbath.brainsalt.a.holy.fool by Califone
from the album
Stitches (Dead Oceans)
First new material from Califone since 2009. They will be at Hopscotch, i think the last night.


Strike Gently by Joint D≠
from the album
Strike Gently (Sorry State)


Get Stoned Ezy by High Speed & The Afflicted Man
from the album
Get Stoned Ezy (Guerssen)


Greed Is Your Horse by Lord Dying
from the album
Summon the Faithless (Relapse)
new and "rifftastic" from Portland OR


Aquarian by Sleep
from the album
Sleep's Holy Mountain (Earache)
1992.   Playing Hopscotch!

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